Insightegy Consultants

Insightegy is our trusted strategy consultant in Russia

Altogether with Insightegy we have completed over 20 project engagements related to the market analyses of the building materials, electronic accessories, low voltage electrical equipment and construction sectors. Also Insightegy has helped us evaluate the acquisition attractiveness of several Russian companies. The result of their work always allowed us drawing a clear picture of the Russian market, its structure and development trends and to understand the opportunity of creating shareholder value by investing in particular areas.

Panu Routila,
CEO and President, Ahlstrom Capital

Insightegy helped us shape up our strategy for Russia

Insightegy Consultants have demonstrated a good market research and strategy expertise in the market where the reliable aggregate data did not exist. Their conclusions and recommendations allowed our management to make effective decision with regard to how the Russian market should be served as well as to set well-balanced strategic goals.

Heikki Hiltunen
Executive vice president, Vacon

Their work allowed us to maximize and reap the economic benefits of well-handled integration projects

The services rendered to us by Insightegy have mainly spanned areas such as the post acquisition integration of our production subsidiaries in Moscow and St. Petersburg and the business turnaround of our companies in Estonia and Lithuania. Along with that Insightegy has provided us with the strategic analyses of the meat processed products market in St. Petersburg and in several other locales. Their work allowed us to maximize and reap the economic benefits of two well-handled integration projects and showed us a clear path to making the proper decisions aimed at improving the management efficiency of our subsidiaries.

Juha Ruohola,
Executive Vice President, Atria Group

We have used Insightegy’s work to forge strategically important alliances with key Russian customers

We first hired Insightegy Consultants to develop our growth strategy for Russia with the objective of bringing our innovative explosive products to the market which was dominated by cost-inefficient and unsafe commercial explosives. Insightegy Consultants have fully met our expectations for the results delivery. We also highly appreciated the fact that the bulk of the data was gathered through in-person interviews. We have used the work carried out by Insightegy Consultants to forge strategically important alliances with key Russian customers.
Upon the completion of this project, we continued our cooperation with Insightegy Consultants in several other assignments, including customer strategy implementation and strategic sourcing

Mikael Von Hertzen,
General Manager Europe, Dyno Nobel Inc