Insightegy Consultants

Sourcing & Procurement

This service line aims to maximize Material Margin by reducing the share of raw material/component inputs in the client's output cost structure through efficient sourcing and procurement. We begin by providing an overview of sourcing opportunities for key material inputs available from a local market or through long-haul purchasing options. This work is accomplished through the rigorous research of the input market and its strategic changes, best practice analysis and interviews with key suppliers to the client's sector. Along with that we conduct assessment of material input cost behavior, would-be switching expenses, and impact on likely changes in production technology. Following that we analyze the client firm's existing supply chain and procurement process to define areas for improvement. As a result, we develop a new supply model blueprint which must fill the gaps of the strategic misfit and align the purchasing function to new sourcing opportunities. Finally, we design a dedicated action plan to maximize Material Margin, by addressing areas such as new sourcing options, input cost control, throughput checkpoints, inbound logistics and quality assurance procedures.



This service line allows clients to set up superior strategic and operational marketing processes. Our Strategic Marketing Process (SMP) helps the client advance market segmentation, redefine sector boundaries, revise target segments, estimate potentially available markets and identify advantageous positioning decisions. Finally the SMP allows the client to formulate a winning 4P strategy for the target market and define tasks for organizing and managing the implementation process across the four dimensions: product, place, price and promotion. An Operational Marketing Process (OMP) allows the client to increase efficiency in areas such as trade marketing, category and brand management, new product development and promotional activities (both ATL and BTL). Also the OMP helps the client to develop methods and the sets of KPIs to measure marketing efficiency by conducting a series of assessments addressing internal marketing processes and customer centric activities conducted by the client firm.


Sales & Distribution

This service line aims to sustain sales growth and market share development at a target level by increasing channel management effectiveness, improving CRM activities and developing first rate distribution models. We begin with external analysis assessing current market attractiveness, customer satisfaction, existing distribution patterns, best practices, existing CRM strategies, competitive moves and so on. Based on this, we define new market segments, expansion geographies and prospective sales channels. Finally, we design the blue print lay out of a new distribution model which must follow one of the two sales patterns: push or pull. Internal analysis thoroughly examines the client firm to define how much the sales organization is aligned to market opportunities and the new distribution model: sales planning accuracy, key account management efficiency, business development rates and allocation of responsibilities. Throughout the entire engagement with the client we provide comprehensive hands-on support during interactions with distributors and potential customers to ensure the best possible trading terms for the client.