Insightegy Consultants

Achieving growth though strategy implementation is a three dimensional action model enabling companies to materialize value creation by means of organic growth, M&A's and business transformation. We undertake every implementation assignment through a well managed step-by-step process aimed at result maximization. Our work approach focuses equally on quick wins and builds towards long term strategic goals through the timely and hands-on execution of action plans. We deliver strategy implementation through Organic Growth, Mergers & Acquisitions, Post Merger Integration and Business Transformation.

Organic Growth

We offer a complete turn-key solution to multinational firms entering or consolidating in Russia by investing in Greenfield operations. Work involves several streams such as strategic site search, project co-ordination, tax benefits and business start-up. Client value is added by our knowledge of Russia specific issues and expertise in helping international actors establish successful business in this country. Every effort is made to ensure that the process capitalizes on all opportunities.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

We view each deal as a strategic fit between two firms allowing both parties to gain benefits from the transaction. Ideally, the takeover of a target firm must allow the investor to materialize value by acquiring a vehicle capable of turning opportunities into stronger economies and a superior market position. We help our clients to decide where and whether to invest, often acting as a link between the investor and the target. We strike a balance between the cost of the acquisition and the value potential of the deal, making it integral to the client firm's future success.

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Post Merger Integration

Efficient post merger integration is critical for smoothly aligning two newly merged firms into one streamlined organization. The goals of PMI are to make the most of operational and strategic synergies between the companies and to achieve a common framework for sterling growth across the board. PMI consists of two phases, being initial integration with the acquired business and a second phase, which completes the integration of the two firms into a single organization.

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Business Transformation

Our business transformation expertise allows firms to recover competitiveness, market position and financial strength through an overhaul of their operations. It provides a new solution to companies, whose business models have become outdated, resulting in declining growth, profits and shareholder value. This is a transition period in which management must re-engineer the business and unlock growth to ensure the firm becomes a value creating vehicle again. Our service divides into Analysis & Design, which develops a set of change models and Implementation, which puts those models into practice.

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