Insightegy Consultants

By combining entrepreneurial and strategic logic, we help our clients unlock value and penetrate untapped opportunities. We believe that organizational development and wealth creation are achieved through a dynamic fit between the firm's market environment and its business model. This thesis arises from our work with many successful companies and provides a framework for Value Delivery Architecture™ whose tenets are central in each thread of our strategy development competence: market entry, growth & expansion, market leadership and value chain.

Market Entry

We tailor market entry to companies introducing new products, services or catering to new geographical markets. We outline the scale and scope of business opportunities, develop strategic alternatives, and evaluate the economic viability of entry options. Advice is given on the entry mode most suited to the client firm. Our success in helping the client in this service channel is measurable in market position, revenue growth and customer acquisition rates.

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Growth & Expansion

Companies seeking strong and profitable growth in domestic or international markets require ambition, sharp focus and commitment. Our work begins with growth concept assessment and evaluation of strategic options. We then gauge client firm readiness and commitment by conducting internal organizational diagnostics. The results are insightful solutions, which besides meeting growth targets, match internal requirements for return on investment, profitability and cash flows.

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Market Leadership

To sustain market leadership, a firm must possess characteristics such as strong brand awareness, superior sales growth, robustly profitable operations and constantly evolving propositions. We establish grounds for the firm to achieve these factors, whilst emphasizing value innovation and adherence to the disciplines of market leadership: operational excellence, customer intimacy and product leadership.

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Value Chain

This service is aimed at functional strategy improvement and spans activities from sourcing and procurement to sales and distribution. Through comprehensive analysis of functional units, best practice benchmarking and interviews with suppliers and customers, we identify hitherto untapped opportunities and formulate strategies to transform operations and ultimately secure revenue growth and strong returns.

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