Insightegy Consultants

We offer a comprehensive Greenfield service for companies who wish to enter Russia or achieve growth here. This service has been developed over multiple assignments to make the Greenfield option a seamless process for the client.

Strategic site search is a crucial phase in any Greenfield project. We guide the client through every step of the process to site selection and acquisition. Numerous bureaucratic hurdles must be overcome, whilst keeping strategic goals as our focus. Site attractiveness is based on a scoring model, which we create based on client firm strategic requirements. We then secure legally complete, cost efficient site acquisition matching the client's initial parameters and goals. Insightegy consultants draw on a wealth of experience to make the process of site search as streamlined as possible.

Project coordination is an essential component of the Greenfield process and spans site development through to new facility commissioning whereby Insightegy act as a project coordinator. We work on the basis that efficient project coordination is critical to project completion on time and within budget. We align agendas of several third parties with those of the client and manage each stage of the procedure. Our goal in project coordination is to make things happen by moving all parties through approved action plans and making everyone meets their promised project deliverables to ensure a successful passing of the Greenfield.

Tax benefits on investment in Russia are considerable for companies undertaking Greenfield projects. Insightegy guides the client through the cycle of obtaining tax concessions at both federal and regional levels. We draw from our experience to draft and present plans assessing project feasibility, payback periods and social commitments to the relevant decision making bodies. We have considerable experience in delivering financial gains to the client in the form of tax proceeds and rank among the few consulting firms to possess a track record of helping the client firm improve overall project financial attractiveness by securing considerable tax benefits on investments in Greenfields.

Business start-up creates a highly effective business model spanning all activities from efficient sourcing to the best in class sales and distribution practice. We follow a two-pronged approach divided into external factors such as market opportunities and required investments in people to internal factors such as laying a blueprint for the new business. To accomplish this, we work through several streams: governance, operations, marketing, organizational structure and administration. Finally, we help the client firm to staff the organization with the right people for top positions in the company by assisting them in conducting job interviews and providing a third party opinion on potential candidates. This service ensures that the new business will be as efficient as possible and add value to the client firm.