Insightegy Consultants

Despite the huge amount of companies out there, those which can make a strategic fit with yours are probably few. It pays to partake in a process, which accounts for every detail of the takeover, when the implications of the transaction will impact on your firm for many years to come. Our M&A expertise is comprehensive in its execution:

Sector analysis and target long listing analyze data in the client's business sector to form industry evolution scenarios and value creation potential. We follow this by drawing up a long list of potential acquisition targets that are thoroughly assessed at the later stages.

Company search establishes criteria with the client firm to address key aspects of the prospect company's business. Possessing this, we collect more in depth data through interviews with stakeholders. Using our scoring models, we then filter out a shortlist of the most attractive investment targets for the client firm.

Negotiations support builds on findings delivered at previous stages to ascertain which target provides the best fit with the client firm. We actively participate in inter-company talks and help the client prepare negotiation agendas and all analytical support. We prepare fully to maximize the outcome of negotiations for the client firm and execute an agreement with the preferred acquisition target.

Business due diligence begins with external analysis of the target firm's competitiveness and bargaining power in the value chain, which define the target's market profile. Internal analysis builds on these conclusions by assessing functional units to understand issues related to business and governance efficiency. We assess risks in the target's business model and operational activities and define challenges facing the strategic investor, which underlie later formation of an integration platform.

Valuation of the prospect company is implemented by analyzing historical financial results and forecasting future performance through the application of modern techniques (such as DCF, CAPM and EVA). This involves simulations under several scenarios and sensitivity analyses to arrive at a fair value for the business as the basis for a proposal bid.

Deal structuring and closure involves advising clients on their options, taking into account their corporate policies, strategic goals, valuation results and country legislation. Our advice focuses on corporate governance, operational control and company finances. We provide ongoing support to clients in all procedures related to deal closure from preparation of general shareholder meetings across to money transfer schemes.