Insightegy Consultants

We know that there are a plethora of challenges facing a firm, which wishes to enter a new market. Our service offering allows companies to overcome these hindrances to unlock and maximize opportunities as quickly as possible.

Business opportunity analysis assesses factors in a completely new operational environment from the client firm's value chain right up to market development trends for a complete view of the benefits and threats presented by market entry. Work outcomes are numerically evaluated and fact based conclusions which possess strategic insight into a successful entry and aligned with economic rationale.

Strategic options are developed initially in the form of a long list of entry alternatives, emphasizing market scope, growth potential and entry mode for each of the options. The economic viability of each alternative is then assessed by simulating business cases under various scenarios. Finally, we compare the options' value creation potential and risk attributes to provide a short list of priority and back-up options.

Entry Mode blueprints are drafted and assessed according to their viability. These blueprints address key entry components such as product portfolio, scope of operations, delivery models, organizational structure and investments. Entry work is divided into functional streams to ensure all necessary project tasks are fulfilled. Finally, an action plan details key activities, deliverables, milestones and project governance model to ensure the success of the market entry.

Market entry is a process which is fraught with operational, legal and financial challenges. We seek to ensure that entry is as efficient as possible for the client firm by engaging fully with them at each of the procedures.