Insightegy Consultants

At Insightegy, we believe that your opportunities are limited only by your ambition. From the first day of your career with us, you will be given the chance to shape the destiny of firms at the same time as testing and developing your personal skills and abilities. At Insightegy we have created an international environment, which allows our people to enjoy the benefits of cultural diversity and be exposed to the modern business environment from a unique perspective.

Insightegy culture

The core of Insightegy culture is a focus on results that can be measured. We appreciate the power of new ideas and our consultants are encouraged to express themselves through their work. The Insightegy work environment is based on mutual respect and a shared collective passion for new challenges.

Everything we do at Insightegy is aimed at creating an environment, where consultants can unlock their talents, sharpen professional skills and thrive. We are committed to providing all of our people with opportunities to grow and pursue every goal, both personal and professional.

Career Development

There are five stages of career development at Insightegy Consultants, each with its own responsibilities and challenges.

Consultant Consultants gather, analyze and synthesize data into findings that are presented to clients or form the basis of strategic analysis
Senior Consultant Senior Consultants collaborate with functional and industry specialists to design and deliver hands-on solutions to clients' business issues.
Project Manager Project Managers lead a team of consultants undertaking one or several work streams. They assume responsibility for managing resources, budgets and deliverables.
Senior Project Manager Senior Project Managers hold full client and project management accountability; they lead multi-functional teams that help clients make happen sound business strategies.
Partner Partners lead our practice, define strategic direction and manage resources and utilization. They direct bids and proposals for projects, lead pre-sales activities and identify new business development opportunities.

Joining us

We hire motivated candidates with strong academic records and proven skills in economics or business administration. If you are willing to pursue a consulting career with us, please send your resume and job application to

In your application, please do not omit to include the position at Insightegy you are interested in. If your resume meets our formal criteria, our assistant will contact you to make an appointment with one of our senior interviewers.