Insightegy Consultants

Successful growth strategies build on market wide and firm specific elements to find the best fit between the company and its environment. Our service offering taps into opportunities which fully exploit the client firm's growth potential.

Growth Concept seeks exploitable openings in both current and new markets as well as an expansion into new business segments. We gain strategic insights into growth opportunities through rigorous analytical assessment of trends and unmet needs in the market. We then prioritize alternatives and outline the most promising opportunity for growth to provide the client with an overall conceptual guideline.

Strategic options address practical modes for achieving growth. Whether a firm should grow organically or through acquisitions is not always easy to answer. A number of challenging issues which need addressing arise, such as the strength of the firm's brands, availability of takeover targets, industry value chain efficiency to name but a few. By confronting these issues and taking part in a continuous dialogue with the client, we create a mode for growth of best fit for the firm.

Growth ambition building provides top management with proposals for capturing value creating opportunities. As a result of a series of executive workshops, we outline an integrated roadmap, which aids management to articulate the scope of its ambitions, before assessing organizational readiness and the firm's capacity to achieve the upper limits of growth.

Company growth readiness assesses both functional units and governance efficiency to evaluate organizational readiness. We conduct a series of diagnostics across the firm's functional units to assess strengths and weaknesses and the capacity to implement growth ambitions. Dialogue with the firm and deployment of diagnostics tools allows us to outline areas for improvement and action plans for growth strategy deployment.

Value growth delivery is the final stage of this process, where special emphasis is placed on financial aspects and the economic viability of business growth. Finally, the framework of Value Delivery Architecture™ provides client firms with a route to profitable growth through sharp deployment of required strategic moves, widespread organizational commitments at all management layers and wealth creating investments in people and assets.