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In certain cases business transformation is the only way of enhancing the firm's activities and the single source of shareholder value creation.

Business transformation can be a highly productive process when the firm is simultaneously faced by four challenges: decreasing sales, deteriorating market share, degrading profitability and, as a result, destroyed value. These challenges are normally accompanied by a series of secondary symptoms such as high attrition rates, the lack of new product or service ideas and decreased morale among employees. Management must avoid rushing to fill gaps in the firm's current business model and realize the need for overall and systematic revision of the firm's activities. As a rule, this process begins with top management reaching a decision that:

  1. the existing ways of doing business have become obsolete and outdated;

  2. the market environment has changed but we don't know how;

  3. we must take this company through full renovation which will help us unlock growth, restore efficiency and unchain our talent to innovate

  4. we must prepare ourselves for the times of change and difficult organizational transformation

  5. People are key to any transformation - to ensure that the process is a success, securing their buy-in is a must

This subject will be addressed in more detail at a workshop called Transforming the Business for a Better Future.

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